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Canadian Currency


Yesterday in class we were examining Canadian money.  We explored the various Canadian icons found on our notes and coins, like the Bluenose schooner and loons.  This examination included the Queen and some other significant people.  We learned about who these people were and why they are deemed important enough to be on our currency.

But choosing people to represent our nation can be controversial.  For this reason I gave the class the opportunity to voluntarily find out why the $10 note has been in the media lately.  Two students (Penguin and Storm) took up the challenge and presented their findings this morning.  Click here to see what Penguin discovered.


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Welcome Back


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break.  We are hitting the ground running this term, with a lot to amazing things on the calendar.

Have your science fair question ready for the first day of school.  We will be working hard on our projects.

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Social studies project due next week


Extension Granted: Project due Monday 18th December at the latest

All the class are working very hard to complete their social studies projects.  Most students need to work on them at home.

Click here for all the criteria 

Last week one of the grade 4 students already presented a completed project, on ancient Egypt and what an amazing job she did.  Her project was part poster board and part slide show.  She addressed all the criteria and her research is impeccable.

Do a great job, the bar has been set very high!

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Social Justice Data Fair


What a great morning!  After all our hard work, our projects for the social justice data fair were fantastic.  Thank you so much to the parents who came to check them out.

I promised the class if they worked really hard (which they did) and if they completed their passports to an exemplary level, then we could have a pie party on Monday.  Well the verdict is; looks like we are having a pie party on Monday.  Students are welcome to bring a pie along and I will bring a couple too.  If you have any suggestions for the type of pie, then leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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What another amazing week


So amazed this week with my brilliant students.  Check out the fantastic book reviews on the students blogs.  As part of her interview presentation, one of our bloggers, interviewed an interviewer, on live radio this week.  Wow!

Also, the whole class has been working really hard on their social studies projects and their social justice data fair projects, all at once.  So busy!

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Book reviews are due Tuesday


Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that the book reviews are due on Tuesday.  Check out the homework page for more details.

Some students have already completed theirs.  Check out Artstars, click here for a look.

Also, a reminder of the expectation for our morning presentations.  Click here if you need to clarify them.  There are often some confusion between the journalist and the social justice issue.

Have a great Linden long weekend, you have all earned it!

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Social Studies Project and Book Review


Well, we are certainly busy at the moment.  Make sure you get on to your book review right away.  You may feel like you have plenty of time, but you will be surprised how fast that can go.

Also, make sure you are on top of you social studies project.  Every week, we will cover each element in class, so you know what needs to be included.

Bring in any materials, that you need to work on in class.  That way I can help you.

Check the homework link

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Geographic Research


This week we have gone to the library, to research the geography, for our projects.  This weekend, you can continue your research, either online or using more books.

Also, while I am on the subject of homework, don’t forget to write for 20 minutes twice a week and read for at least 20 minutes a night.  The book you are reading, may be the book that you will be reviewing.  Make sure you have it finished by the 30th October.


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Major Social Studies Project


We are about to embark on a new major project.  All you need to do right now is decide on your area of investigation.

Click here for more information


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Spelling group research


We have 3 spelling groups.  The girls in each group are required to write a blog post, on the writer that their spelling club is named after.

Click here for more information

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