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Whiteboard Animations


Recently, we have been making whiteboard animations. Be sure to check them all out, they are all so good.  

Medieval Europe, by Artemis and IceQueen:


Here is Penguin and Saphire’s wonderful short film on Medieval China:


The grade 3’s (Culinary Chemist, Fennekin & Nectarine), 1800’s Toronto:


Here is Medieval Persia, by Blasé, Pipsqueak and Sparkles:

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In math we are learning about probability.  If you are having any trouble, this is a great resource (Math is Fun)  to explain things again.  Click Here

So grade 3 & 4’s, what are some examples, in your daily life that you rely on probability.  For example, the weather report or that the subway will get you to school on time.  I know that it will take me about half an hour to drive to school.  So if I give myself half an hour, I will probably arrive on time.

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Field Trip


What as amazing field trip!  

This week we visited a real animation studio and learned about the process of creating an animation film.  The Toronto based Production Company that we visited, is a leader in the field.  They are currently producing a number of children animations such as, the ‘Cat in the Hat’ series.  The two CEO’s and cofounders are great female role models, being successful and influential women, at the top of a dynamic and competitive industry.

Stayed tuned for the successes of own budding young animators.

The girls are currently working on ‘pitches’, of a children’s television show, that they would like to see.  

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Looking after our oceans


We read an article about garbage pollution on Henderson Island, one of the most remote islands on earth: Click here to read the article again

We also read an article about a teenager who has spearheaded a solution, to the complex problem of ocean cleanup: Click here to read the article again

Write your understanding and feelings about garbage pollution in our oceans and more locally Lake Ontario.  Also, what are some simple ways that we can all help save our oceans from pollution?

Artemis has already competed hers and it is a fantastic example.  Check it out:

Plastic in our Oceans

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Blase’s post about the floods



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Female Astronaut Makes History



Read, research and write about the astronaut, Peggy Whitson.  This is a comprehension and research exercise.  I am deliberately giving you little guidance.  Lets see your amazing work!  Happy blogging.

Female astronaut sets super space records!

Check out these posts already:

female astronaut beaks record

peggy whitson

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Social Studies Research


In social studies the grade 3’s are studying and creating a model of Toronto in 1812.  The grade 4’s meanwhile are doing the same for medieval villages.

So grade 3 and 4, students.  You need to research the factors that would affect your villagers lives.  Also, research how they may have overcome those challenges.

  • Weather/climate
  • Wildlife
  • Work
  • Food
  • Water
  • Law and order
  • Transport
  • communication
  • Health
  • Education
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First Woman To Officially Complete Boston Marathon Runs Again 50 Years Later


This week the girls are writing their feelings and thoughts about the first women to compete the Boston Marathon. Check out their posts

First Woman To Officially Complete Boston Marathon Runs Again 50 Years Later

(The Huffington Post)

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Slide Show


This week in Social Studies, your task is to make a slide show.  You will create your slide show on a specific class of people, who would live in your medieval village.  Each member of your group will need to choose a different class.

The classes may be:

  • Nobles / Governors
  • Peasants
  • Serfs
  • Merchants
  • Clergy

Here are some websites to get you started in your research:

Persia World History For Kids

Ancient Persian Empire

Asia In the Middle Ages

History of Ancient China

European Middle Ages

Keep your slide show to about 3 minutes.  When you present your slideshow next Tuesday, don’t just read your slides.  I will give you lots of pointers this week as you develop your slide show.

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Back to school


Welcome back to school!

I have been hearing lots of stories about your March breaks. It sounds like everyone had a great time.

We had a nice surprise on Monday, after March break. We received a letter from a girl in Estevan, SK. She chose to write to our class as a participant in a fun and educational writing challenge, taking place all over Canada. “The Great Canadian Mail Race”.

As part of the challenge, a student is replying to her. But also as part of the challenge, all the other girls need to write a letter to another class, anywhere in Canada. The girls have have been working hard wiritng their letters and are now completing their final drafts.

The due date for their letters is Monday.

Also, the times tables challenge is still on and we will have another quiz on Monday.  Here they are again.  Learn these and you will be a math wiz.









We played some Millionaire math today and a couple of the girls are interested in playing at home.  Click here for the link.

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