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March Break


So what’s the go for March Break?  Essentially, read your novel, that you chose.  Remember your novel needs to have a message.  Some great examples are books such as, ‘The Breadwinner’ or ‘Wonder’.  You need to have this book read by Monday, 26th March.

Also, you can start working on your ‘Rants’.  This is due on the 4th April.  Whilst this seems a long time from now, I would suggest putting some thought and work into it.

Click here to find out what it is

Don’t forget to work on learning your timetables.  Concentrate on the ones that don’t come easily to you.

The times tables challenge will be up and running when we get back.  Here are some of the ones that many of you have trouble with:









Learn these and you will be a math wiz.  Try playing Millionaire math at home.  Click here for the link.

Have a wonderful March break.  Rest, recuperate and most of all have fun!  

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