Grade 4 & 5 Linden School

Your opinion matters

Blogging Guidelines

When blogging we need to use a lot of common sense.  Everything that we write in our blogs, is public.  Therefore, we need to think very carefully about what we write, whether it is a post or a comment on someone else post.  Here are a few simple guidelines to keep you safe and civil.

  1. Do not post any identifying information, like your name or address.  In fact, with our blogs we have taken the extra step of using a pseudonym.
  2. Proofread! proofread! proofread! Remember, your blogs are public.  You want to make sure that what you post is your best work.
  3. Consider your audience.  Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your parents or even Grandma to read.
  4. Have good manners.  What more needs to be said?
  5. Be respectful and consider the feelings of others.
  6. Be Polite at all times.
  7. Be courteous.
  8. Be creative.

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