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Molly Moons Incredible Book of Hypnotism

The first of the Molly Moon series of six books is a great read for not only children, but also adults reading to children. The very accomplished, Georgia Byng, British actor, film producer, illustrator and children’s book author, has managed to weave an exciting story that will take you on a journey from a dreary orphanage in rural England, to the glitz of New York City.


The protagonist, Molly Moon is lonely and shunned, stuck living in the imposing Briersville orphanage. When life couldn’t get any worse, her best friend Rocky, is suddenly adopted by an American family and leaves without time to so much as say goodbye. Things couldn’t get any worse.


But life does change. She finds an incredible book on Hypnotism and tries it out on Petula, a cranky little dog. Molly soon discovers she has quite the knack for hypnotism, which does not go unnoticed by the formidable professor Nockman. Nockman wants the book for himself and will get it by any means possible. Adventures soon take Molly to New York, where together with Petula, her newfound friend, life takes some unexpected turns.


I particularly like the fast pace of this book and the sudden twists and turns in story line. My only complaint is a few small holes in the plot. It would have been nice to see a deeper investigation into true friendship and the need for honesty. One of the characters was a talented actor whose part in a musical was affectively stolen by Molly. She was portrayed as a villain, when in reality; the dishonest Molly was the villain.


If you are looking for some easy reading fantasy fiction, you won’t go wrong with the Molly Moon series. When you have read it, watch the film. It’s a definite 4 ½ stars out of 5.

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