Grade 4 & 5 Linden School

Your opinion matters


Book Review

Due 16th April

You are to write a book review, about the book you read over the March break.  It should be very similar to the book review you did earlier this year.  However, I specifically want to know what message your book has.

So here are the requirements:

  • Author
  • Genre
  • Main characters  (Protagonist, antagonist etc.)
  • The setting
  • Events
  • Your favourite event
  • What did you like and not like?
  • Have a rating system
  • What was the underlying message and what does it mean to you

Remember, you are in Grade 4 and 5 now, so I have very high expectations.


Due 23rd April

You are to write a story on your blog.

Requirements are:

  • Good punctuation
  • Watch your spelling
  • Paragraph structure (think of the hamburger)
  • Your story needs a conflict and a resolution
  • Develop your characters
  • About 6 to 12 paragraphs
  • You need to have a rough copy, but your final draft is on your blog

Social Studies Project

Stay tuned (all you need to do at this stage is think of an issue)




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