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This year’s Science and Technology Fair at Linden will be held on:

February 15th!


Gary will talk a lot more about what is expected of you. To get started, though, here are the basic criteria for this project:


  • The project should be an experiment that follows the scientific method OR is an innovation project where you invent something and test your invention. 

  • Choose a question that you don’t know the answer to already. This is WAY more interesting than choosing a project from a book or the internet.

  • You will need to prove that your experiment is safe and humane.

  • Gary will help you craft a plan that allows you to collect enough meaningful data in the time you have. Please avoid projects where people are your test subjects. It is not really possible to collect enough data from people in the time you have.

  • You will prepare a project board and an oral presentation to communicate your results at the Fair.

  • You will conduct research before and after your experiment in order to understand your topic better.

  • You will keep track of the sources you use to collect information.

  • There is a due date for each step of the project that will give Gary a chance to check to make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Parents can act as “assistants” or “coaches” (who drive, encourage, help with tools, or help with typing), but not “bosses (who come up with ideas or do the writing or testing.)


Talk about your project!   The more you talk, the better your ideas will be.


Keep an eye here for lots of updates and further information to help you with your science projects.

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