Grade 4 & 5 Linden School

Your opinion matters

Research Subject Presentations

Each week Four girls will present a research subject. The presentation time is 10 to 15 minutes.  The subjects are:

  • Journalist (Monday)
  • Social Justice Issue (Tuesday)
  • Interview (Wednesday)
  • Lesson (Friday)

We have ten students in our class and each girl will present a subject every two weeks (Present one week and have the second week off). We will rotate through the subjects, so that each girl will cover each subject area.

Journalist (Monday)

  • The student will present a current news article, that they have written themselves.  Try and not confuse this with the social justice issue, even though there may be some overlap.  The stories can be hard hitting or pretty light.
    • Look for interesting events happening in the community. (For example, the busker fest or thieves return a childs stolen puppy)
    • A big current news story, that is in the popular media. (For example, hurricanes and presidents touring Asia)
    • A little known news story, that needs more attention, but is very current. (for example, a self driving shuttle bus has a fender bender on the first day, surfer breaks world wave riding record)
    • A recently reported scientific discovery.  (For example, one study says dark chocolate is good for you, but is funded by Cadbury and another independent study says the sugar outweighs the benefits)
  • It must be relevant and current
  • They must have 3 separate sources

click here: journalist

To see an example, click here: nuitblanche

Social Justice Issue (Tuesday)

  • Present a current social justice issue
  • Examples: Urban sprawl, deforestation, waste disposal, climate change in the Arctic, bullying (cyber, school etc.), child poverty, homelessness, disability rights, immigration rights, social mobility, distribution of wealth, child welfare, labour laws, cilvil rights, access to education, access to clean water, aboriginal issues, global warming, animal rights, fur trade, overfishing, healthcare, carbon footprint, recycling, transport, ethical food, GMO, etc.
  • They must have 3 separate sources of information

Interview (Wednesday)

  • Present a first person biography of an interesting, influential or important woman, in our community.  They will interview the person of interest and present their ‘story’ to the class.
  • They can do this by phone, email or face to face.
  • Examples: Grandparent, activist, councillor, police officer, paramedic, park ranger, entrepreneur, writer, animator, actor, athlete etc.

Lesson (Friday)

  • You are going to teach the class for about 15 minutes. You can teach anything you like. It can be anything from, when to use capital letters, to making the perfect paper airplane, to a historical event. It is up to you.
  • You need to write a simple lesson plan of what you are going to do, step by step. I (Gary) will be very happy to help you with this.
  • Practice your lesson. Give it a run through; you would be surprised how often I practice a lesson during the summer break, before I attempt it in the classroom.
  • Try and keep it to 15 minutes. Remember, if you need materials, you need to provide them, so try and keep it simple.

You’ll notice there is no presentation on Thursdays.  That is because some of the girls will be reading with the early learners as reading buddies.




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